• How do I make an appointment now?

      To schedule an appointment that meets your scheduling needs, please call our Appointment Center:
      (206) 633-4007

    • How long does it take to get an appointment?

      We strive to achieve the best appointment times for your lifestyle. Please contact us to get you scheduled right away.

    • What if I need to reschedule an appointment?

      Please give us a 2 business day notice on cancellation.  

    • What type of payments do you accept?

      Cash, Card, Check and Care Credit  

    • What insurance do you accept?

      We accept most insurances give us a call if you have any questions about your specific insurance.  

    • What is a "protective restoration"?

      The traditional term for this type of restoration is a “crown”. With today’s materials and techniques we are able to provide the most conservative and beautiful results. We are able to do no more and no less than what the tooth needs–unlike the standard full coverage of yesteryear.

    • Do you use the BIoClear Method?

      Yes! Our practice now offers the Bioclear Method, a minimally invasive approach for treatment of dental black triangles and other cosmetic issues.

    • Do you do Invisalign?

      Yes, Dr. McIntyre is excited to be able to offer this option to her patients. Invisalign is an amazing technology which provides a valued service to many individuals.

    • Do you do implants?

      We place carefully designed implant supported crowns. Dr. McIntyre works closely with specialists who do the surgical phase, followed by Dr. McIntyre’s restorative work.

    • What material do you use for fillings?

      We use “composite”—a tooth-colored particle-filled resin material which bonds to your tooth structure. Research and development has led to fabulous composite materials which have properties close to natural tooth structure and which provide excellent functional and esthetic results.

    • What is a "veneer"?

      A veneer is a covering bonded to the tooth to achieve the desired esthetic result. Veneers can be quite thin with minimal contouring of the teeth needed. Basically, the design changes in accordance with the desired color and contour changes.

    • Do you use digital x-rays?

      Yes. During my years in dentistry, it has been exciting to stay current with changing technologies. I invested in digital radiographs numerous years ago and love the advantages of digitals!

    • What is the difference between "basic" care and "integrative" care?

      “Basic” care addresses gum disease and tooth problems (e.g. decay, fractures, missing teeth). In addition to the basic disease issues, “integrative” care also evaluates the way the teeth contact each other (the impact of function/muscle forces on tooth health). and the individual’s smile. By “integrating” all findings into the planning process, a well-thought out and cost-effective plan can be devised. By incorporating all factors into careful planning, the treatment process is clear, and the desired health, function, and esthetic results are enjoyed.

    • Do you treat children?

      Yes, we care for people of all ages, including the young ones. Diagnostics, preventive care and restorations as needed are provided for our young patients. When there are special needs, referrals to specialists are provided. We look forward to kids enjoying their dental visits to help them develop a lifetime commitment to health.

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